Talent acquisition deserves a strategic position within the organisation. It can only be successful when there is a clear vision and a clear strategy. Your employer brand and candidate experience is an extension of your company brand. 

We like to do things a bit differently. So whether you’re an employer looking to scale their business or someone interested in strengthening their recruitment skills. Let’s shake things up! 

Boost your Talent Acquisition with a tailor made workshop. Do you want to move from a traditional to an innovative recruitment model? We will give you the right tools, skills and mindset to start innovate and experiment in your candidate journey. 

From start-ups to corporates, talent acquisition is an integral part of a company’s backbone. It is necessary to attract, select and maintain the right people to gain and maintain a competitive advantiage. 

Are you in need for a hands-on project manager to set up your talent acquisition strategy or do you need to get you back into the swing of things? 

1-on-1 Coaching

Do you want to bring experimentation, efficiency and fun in your talent acquisition funnel but don’t know how? In an exclusive 1-on-1 coaching with me, you’ll dive deeper into your recruitment strategy. We will use practical tools; which make you create impact. 

Practical. Measurable. Playful.

We use practical tools.

With an experience of 6+ years in recruitment, and a back ground IN growth hacking we created hands-on tools/canvasses applied to the talent persona; talent funnel; experiment canvas etc. 

We make it measurable.

Data can sound scary. But a data-driven approach can optimize the entire hiring process. Our view is that data can make your life easy! The only trick is to know how to use these insights of hidden data. 

We make learning fun & playful.

” Play is anything that makes us lose track of time and self-consciousness, creating the clearing where ideas are born” (Brene Brown). With everything we do we make you experiment and we engage you to do play. 

She really helped our company taking the next step in our strategy related to talent acquisition. In her role as Head of Talent, she was able to translate this strategy into execution and added value.
Jasper Brand
Head of Digital Innovator